We're the heroes in this fight. Now it's time to do what's right!

October 26, 2021

October 26th Greater NY Bargaining Bulletin

Keep the Pressure On!
We Won’t Back Down!

At the October 26 negotiations, the Greater* employers responded to our proposals presented at the last bargaining session, which followed the pattern of the League contract victory. At last, they moved — but not far enough!

They agreed to:

But they still have made no commitment to our crucial and bedrock proposal of maintaining our health and pension benefits, despite all the heart-wrenching stories we have told them, again and again. How much louder do we need to be to keep the pressure on?  

What do we say? You gotta pay what you gotta pay!

Once again we couldn’t help but notice their short memories. Remember the heroes who keep your nursing homes operating, even during the worst pandemic in history? They must have forgotten because:

And what are they thinking when they propose 20% of workers can be agency/no frills? It certainly doesn’t build a strong workforce. They complain the Funds are expensive, but don’t want to hire enough 1199 members to spread the costs! 

One step forward, but several steps in the wrong direction!

We will continue to make our message clear – they must respect us and the work we do. We know our value and will continue to demand the wages and benefits we’ve earned. We deserve it and we won’t back down!

We’re taking action! 

Our informational pickets are on November 8, and our strike vote is on that same day. We must stand united and show the Greater nursing home owners that we’re not playing games – this is our lives and we are serious. We are in for the win!

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*The Greater New York Healthcare Facilities Association and Allied Employers