We're the heroes in this fight. Now it's time to do what's right!

October 18, 2021

October 18th Group Bargaining Bulletin


At our October 18 negotiations, we presented our proposals that follow the pattern of the League contract victory.  In that victory, our sisters and brothers in the League protected their Funds, including health benefits, won fair wage increases, a $3,000 recognition bonus and job security, and made a historic step by securing Juneteenth as a new paid holiday. We expected the Group employers to do the same, and ensure that all 1199 members in Group institutions have the NBF health benefits and an NPF pension.

The Group moved – but not enough! 

After three bargaining sessions, it has become clear that the employers are trying to look good by giving with one hand, but we know they are taking with the other. They put forth proposals that are nothing more than givebacks in overtime and paid time off leave. They want to increase their utilization of agency and no-frill staff. They’re nickeling and diming us —we see it and won’t stand for it!

Our Committee members spoke passionately about how disgusted they were about the employers’ response.  They know the employers are moving backward, presenting incomplete proposals, and not showing us the respect we deserve.  That’s why we must keep the pressure on!

Now is the time to make our message loud and clear – we’ve earned our benefits, wages, and bonus.  We’ve earned the right to celebrate the end of the scourge of American slavery by adding Juneteenth as an official added holiday.  AND WE WILL FIGHT FOR THE CONTRACT WE DESERVE.

Get your sneakers ready—it’s time to hold informational pickets at every Group institution.  Talk to your organizer or committee member for the details. Let’s rally together, show our unity and strength and send a clear message that THIS IS WAR — WE ARE READY!

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