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October 15, 2021

October 14th Greater Bargaining Bulletin

Our message has been clear, but the Greater* isn’t listening.

At our October 14 negotiations we presented our demand to follow the pattern of the League contract victory where 1199 members protected their Funds, including health benefits, won fair wage increases and job security and also, made a historic step by securing Juneteenth as a new paid holiday. We expect the Greater to do at least the same—as well as raising standards for our 1199 family so that we all have parity on our wages and our Fund benefits.

We demanded:

The employers responded with:

Are they serious? 

Our Committee members shared their experiences of working short-staffed, working 2 and 3 consecutive shifts, and getting injured because they have so many residents who need care, and so little time to provide that.  And how did the employers respond?  They want to hire more agency and temp workers! They’re asking us to accept a contract with less pay and more union work to be done by non-union staff.  How disrespectful, inadequate and unacceptable! 

Let’s make this message loud throughout our institutions, and across our geographic areas of NYC, Long Island and the Hudson Valley. Now is the time for the Greater employers to show they truly value the work we do and give us the contract we’ve earned.

*The Greater New York Healthcare Facilities Association and Allied Employers

Attend your union meetings, show public support with your stickers and get loud at your workplace.   Get your sneakers ready—it’s probably time to get ready to picket too. Informational picket voting is underway – talk to your organizer or committee member for the details.  Let’s rally together, show our unity and strength and send a clear message that they will give us the contract we deserve – nothing less!

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