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November 9, 2021

November 9th Greater NY Bargaining Bulletin

Together We Stand!
Ain’t No Stopping Us Now!

It’s happening! We will show the nursing home owners and everyone in the city and state just how powerful we are on November 17! Our next step to winning the contract we earned is mobilizing and showing up for each other at our Together We Stand: March and Rally on November 17! The urgency of taking this action became crystal clear after the owners’ lawyers still refused our bonuses and a commitment to fund our health benefits at negotiations today. Picture thousands of us marching from Times Square to our 1199 headquarters at 498 Seventh Avenue! In purple. Holding our banners and signs. And chanting. It’s the 1199 way! Ain’t no stoppin’ us now! And you and your co-workers certainly don’t want to miss out! Sign up here and talk to your delegate or organizer for more information.  

1199ers know how to show up! We proved it on Monday, an exciting day of informational picketing. We gathered, got loud, and let the nursing home owners know that we are united and we won’t back down. We returned to the bargaining table the following day with renewed focus and energy. So, when the Greater owners refused to move on our priority issues, we were not shaken. In fact, we became more energized!

Every time the lawyers tell us that the owners don’t have money, we wonder about the new buildings they are buying and others they are renovating. They can’t afford to pay us $3,000 that we already earned? They can’t afford to pay our benefits? That doesn’t ring true! It’s a slap in the face after everything we have sacrificed to provide the care that keeps their businesses running. We endured injuries on the job. We worked without vacation and sick days. And this is how they treat us? How do we respond? We will march and rally!

We can’t just talk about it; we must show them how strong and united we are together! This is the moment for 1199 Family and our communities to support and lock arms in unity. We need to make it clear that we won’t settle for less than what we deserve! Let us stand strong, rally together, and show them that we are serious, we have the fight within us, and we will keep going until we win!

Save the Date!
November 17
Together We Stand:
March and Rally