We're the heroes in this fight. Now it's time to do what's right!

November 29, 2021

November 29th Group Bargaining Bulletin

It felt like a never-ending fight, but we knew our value and our worth. Because we banded together, we were able to secure our benefits, maintain our job security, add Juneteenth as a new holiday, and demand that nursing home employers recognize our sacrifices as we worked through the worst pandemic in recent history. We refused to play games with the for-profit nursing home employers, and we showed the might of 1199!

We secured a tremendous victory when the employers met our core demands of wage increases and a one-time bonus. We will maintain our employer-paid health and pension benefits and we now have a process in place to get full coverage for members who are not currently covered by the Funds.

May we never forget this moment. May we go to work every day with our heads held high and recognize what we have achieved together. May we know that the employers have a newfound respect for us and our work. May we always know how powerful we are as 1199 family when we stand together! We did this and now we can keep building stronger!

CONTRACT HIGHLIGHTS: These are only highlights. For details, please see a committee member or organizer for a copy of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).

We won a new three-year contract that preserves all of our contract terms with the following Improvements:

Wage increases on October 1 in each year of the contract:

Bonus—$1500 bonus in one lump sum paid the first payroll period after January 31, 2022.

Protected our Health, Pension, Training, Job Security and Child Care Funds.

Juneteenth added as an additional holiday.

$2/hour preceptor pay for RNs and all Professional/ Technical Employees

New RN floating language (per diems and agency before full-time and part-time; volunteers before mandated; mandated by seniority).

This agreement will not take effect until it is ratified by the majority of the “Group” 1199SEIU membership. Contact your organizer to find out when and where the vote is taking place at your institution.

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