We're the heroes in this fight. Now it's time to do what's right!

November 23, 2021

November 22nd Group Bargaining Bulletin

The Owners and Their Lawyers Still Don’t Understand Their Nursing Homes Can’t Run Without Us.
We Don’t Want To Show Them, But We Will Strike If We Have To!

Slap in The Face, Then Punch in The Nose

The Group’s lawyers came to the bargaining tabletalking a lot on Monday afternoon. So, for a few moments, we thought they were finally moving in our direction.  But, that wasn’t the case.  They simply repeated what has already been agreed to—the 2%, 3% and 3% raises in the League contract.

They’ve been refusing to give us a key part of that agreement—a $3,000 recognition bonus and know we consider that a slap in the face! When they put forth their idea of a compromise, a $1,000 bonus, $500 in year one and $500 the next, we were disgusted!

And it’s not only the bonus.  We have 1199 sisters and brothers who do the same work we do, but they are not covered by the NBF. The lawyers heard their stories many times; they have to struggle to pay for their health benefits for themselves and their families.  The owners’ rejection of our proposal to expand the Fund to these nursing home heroes is the height of disrespect. 

It is offensive that the owners are trying to make even more money off the backs of our hard work.  Another committee member said it perfectly today: “We Are Not Their ATM!”  

So, what are we going to do?

We’re organizing our co-workers:

We will lock arms, stand strong together, and send a clear message that WE KNOW WHO WE ARE and we know our value. With the full support of our 1199 Family, we will fight back until we win the fair contract we have honorably earned.

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